Desktop input to AMP100


I am running the Hifiberry amp100 in order to smartify a set of analog speakers. Currently running Logitech Media Server and Spotifyd on the Pi


Just in case someone from the future ever comes from google with a similar use case: I had to switch to Wireplumber in order to be able to run Spotify and LMS side by side, as LMS would keep the connection open and Alsa does not like it when multiple applications want to access an audio device simultaneously. You might also want to check out loginctl's linger mode if you want to run headless, as audio services like to run in the user session and for this use case they need to stay active, even when no user is logged in or connected


Now for my question: My TV is controlled from my PC and is currently using the TV's crappy built in speakers. Since the amp100 is located at my TV I would like to use the amp100 as a local audio device on my PC.
I know it's possible using something like jacktrip, but this would be needlessly complex when these devices are close enough I can just wire them directly. I would like to playback audio from my PC without having to do some manual process to switch the Pi's local audio over to allow the desktop to playback audio

Is it possible to use the DSP addon + SPDIF input to get audio from my PC played back on the speakers? Or is there any recommended hardware device to get stereo audio from my PC into pi/amp100?


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