Chromecast support

Can the team consider adding Chromecast support natively? My understanding is that this requires licensing software from Google. As of 2023 YouTube Music has 80 million subscribers globally, and Android has 70% market share globally. Based on those broad assumptions, it is possible that north of 50 million users have no native solution to stream from their preferred music platform to a Hifiberry device. 

Bluetooth is a solution, but the Hifiberry team itself has said "we don't think Bluetooth is really good for audio" https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360014092677/comments/360003608418

Since the Chromecast Audio was discountinued in 2019 this has been a pain point among many in the community. I have one, but am not sure how long it will last. Thank you.


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