Subject: Seeking HiFiBerry Sound Card Recommendation for tomBOX

Dear HiFiBerry Community Members,

I'm currently working on a project called tomBOX, which utilizes a Raspberry Pi 4, an 11-inch touchscreen, and a webcam to create an advanced conversational assistant. This device goes beyond traditional voice assistants by incorporating ChatGPT for engaging, natural language conversations.

In my quest to enhance the audio capabilities of the tomBOX, I've come across the reSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT by Seeed Studio, which seems to be an intriguing option. However, I've recently learned that this sound card might not be compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4. While I'm exploring this particular option, I'm open to alternative suggestions.

What's more, I recognize that I might not need all the exact features of the reSpeaker, or I might need additional features not present in the reSpeaker. I'm looking for advice, and I welcome your comments and recommendations.

Here's a brief overview of the reSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT's features:

reSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT Features:

  • Voice User Interface: Equipped with 2 analogue microphones and a WM8960 Audio Codec, designed for high-definition voice capture and processing.
  • Voice Interaction Algorithms: Includes Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Direction of Arrival (DOA), and Key Word Spotting (KWS), making it suitable for a wide range of voice interaction applications.
  • WM8960 Audio Codec: A low-power, high-quality stereo Codec designed for portable digital audio applications.
  • Controllable Peripherals: Provides 3 programmable APA102 RGB LEDs and 1 User Button for speech recognition and interaction.
  • Easy Assembly: Designed for easy installation on the Raspberry Pi.

This sound card appears to have advanced noise reduction and voice recognition capabilities, which align with the objectives of the tomBOX project. However, I'm open to sound cards with different or additional features, depending on your recommendations.

If you have any personal experiences with HiFiBerry products, insights into compatible sound cards for my Raspberry Pi 4-based tomBOX, or advice on adjusting the feature set to better suit my project's needs, your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and guidance in helping me find the perfect sound card for the tomBOX project.

Best regards,



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