No sound, checklist completed. Hardware issue?

Hello from a hifiberry/DAC noob. I have a DAC+ Zero on top of a Pi Zero 2W, and am writing for help after spending dozens of hours trying to figure it out on my own. I'm currently attempting to use Volumio. Config file has been updated properly, DAC+ Zero is recognized, and once I get Volumio up and running, and seems to be playing fine--but I can't get any output. I've been through the no sound checklist, and don't know where to go to here except either consider that the hifiberry hardware that I received has an issue, or I should just buy a Pi 3 B+ and hope to avoid the same issues with that board. I've been through every combination of settings on the Volumio side, from I2s/DAC options to everything else possible, it seems. Volumio seems to be playing, but I'm just not getting any output no matter what I try. FTR, I have two Pi Zero 2w's, and both output fine with not only Volumio, but also hifiberry OS, etc. Power supply is a 5V 3A. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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