Getting ready to give up on this Beocreate project

I have a Beocreate 1.2 board, this is my second one, I sent the first one back because I thought it was faulty, but this one behaves in the same way. I'm currently running hifiberry OS disk image: 20230404.

I have replaced the Raspberry Pi several times, I have used two different Pi3, three different Pi2, and now a Pi4. I replaced the power supply with the recommended one that I bought direct from HiFi Berry. I've reloaded the OS a dozen times. No matter how many times I re-flash the firmware, it comes back as unknown, won't output audio, and enabling output on an unknown program still won't output audio. 

No matter what I do, the OS sees the Beocreate correctly, but can't flash the firmware. After the flash, it either shows the dsp program as "unknown" right away, or after a reboot. 

I am at a total loss. 

JP1 Mute is off, JP4 JP5 are off, JP6 is on, JP2 is on, all of the P2 jumpers are off.

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