HifiBerryOS and AMP2

For the longest time I was using my AMP2 with Rasbian on my Pi4 (now Raspberry Pi OS) but now I'm having issues with the hat not being detected.  Thought I'd try HifiBerryOS just to rule out any AMP2 hardware issues and I'm getting no sound still.  So perhaps the AMP2 is the problem, however...

I am a little confused on something... when I check Diagnostics in HifiBerryOS it shows info like I using different hardware and overlay:

Sound card DAC+ Zero/Light/MiniAmp

aplay1 [snd_rpi_hifiberry_dac]

Is that normal?  Why would it not detect my AMP2 as dacplus?  I gave an attempt to correct it but it's read-only file system, I assume by design.

Thanks for the info.


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