System configuration Confirmation

I just want to confirm that I am going to get the correct parts for a build.  I plan to set up a Squeezebox Player to drive a pair of Polk Atrium 8 speakers:

  • Power Range (watts)    10-125
  • Impedance (ohms)    8

Would a Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+ work or should I go with a 4B with more memory?  What about a Raspberry Pi zero?  Sorry, but I ado not know how much the Pi is doing as far as processing.

Also, would I pair it with the HiFiBerry Amp100 or would the Amp2 be all I need?  What if I also wanted to drive a sub?

I understand I would need a 12-18v power supply.  And if putting the electronics outside, a waterproof enclosure.  I currently intend to have the electronics inside.

Is this all that would be needed?

Think you for your time.


Kindest Regards,

Karl S

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