What is a "poor" PSU for DAC2HD?

Hello all

I have a beginner question. I tried to find that out here but it seems to be a hard question to figure out for an absolute beginner...

The article https://www.hifiberry.com/blog/techtalk-power-supply-matters/ discusses the matter of a good PSU. However, I didn't find what a "poor" PSU really is. As there is an area of "don't go there", I didn't found any indications where the audio quicksand begins.

My plan is to use one of the Meanwell PSU for an own project (e.g. something like https://www.distrelec.ch/schaltnetzteil-44-8w-5v-2a-mean-well-pd-45b/p/30372477 or even https://www.distrelec.ch/ac-dc-netzteil-fuer-medizinische-anwendungen-15w-5v-3a-traco-power-tpp-15-105/p/30154077). But I don't have any clue if that is good enough to start or simply too bad from the  beginning. 

I guess the PSU offered directly from Hifiberry is the minimal requirement, as it is rater favorable and obviously a switching PSU. But beside of the technical spec that it delivers 5.1 V and 3A I don't find any further technical specs, like Vpp ripple as an example.

Yes, linear PSU's are the best for audio. But first they're rather expensive and second the article on the website above indicates the DAC2HD can handle some dirt on the power; obviously a good switching PSU can be good enough for a beginner. 

So what is the minimum technical specifications to keep for a PSU with Hifiberry DAC2HD? E.g. what are the full technical specs of the one offered by Hifiberry?




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