Resource allocation Digi2 pro 2.2

I have spent the last week to play around with my new streamer based on Raspberry Pi4b + Digi2 pro 2.2 coupled to my old Mark Levinson No.360S DAC with very nice result.
I have tried to optimize the sound by using diffrent setups and have come to the conclusion that any kind of resampling or use of DSP destroys the sound quality.
I render 24/96k maximum from Qobuz as that is what my DAC can accept.

I found out that changing the resource allocation for the MPD player had quite some impact on the sound and would like to know more about the four parameters avaliable and how to think when setting them. Hope someone can help me understand more...

As for now I have these settings:
Audio buffer: 4MB
Output buffer: 128MB
Max queue items: 16384
Input cache: 1GB

I found that increasing the input cache had a hugh impact and found the max setting of 1GB to give the best result.
Why does it have such an big impact on SQ, and what can the other three settings do? Haven't started to change them yet.

Using Moode OS with Mconnect and Bubbleupnp from my mobile phone for controlling and rendering.
Both was a bit lacking from the beginning.
Bubbleupnp soft and lacking harmonic content, while Mconnect had the harmonic content intact, but was on the brighter side of neutral.
With the input cache of 1GB, Mconnect was absolutely the better renderer and was perfectly neutral, natural and with extremely transparent soundstage. 
So what more can be gained from changing the other three parameters controlling resource allocation?


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