DoP for DSD in Hifiberry OS for Digi2

I have just purchased a HifiBerry Digi2 Pro and assembled it on top of a Raspberry Pi4B. Having used a Hifiberry before, I was about to install Ropieee but thought, let’s give Hifiberry OS a try.

Let me start by complimenting Hifiberry OS, as it has advanced so much in previous years and now does more than everything I need. I almost don’t need Ropieee anymore and would like to stick to Hifiberry OS.

Almost, because I lack one option. Where in Ropieee I can activate DoP for DSD, in Hifiberry I don’t find that option. Meaning also in Roon I can’t select DoP for the Hifiberry endpoint.

Right now my DSD content is converted by Roon to 176.4kHz and even though it works, I hear a difference,

I did read somewhere on this community that Digi+ does support DoP. My question is: how? Or if it is not supported, can this feature be added?

For now I would regret this being the reason moving back to Ropieee.


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