picoreplayer won't connect to new DAC2 PRO

Trying to set up picoreplayer with new RPi4B plus new Hifiberry DAC2 PRO for touch screen operation. (Have separate LMS server - so this is just Player operation.) Going through picoresetup set up. When get to Audio Output - used Squeezelite Settings to set Audio Output for DAC. Dropdown choice had Hifiberry DAC2 (and Pro) - so used that. when click save - reboots and then comes back with can't connect to the picoreplayer address of  - which had been fine up to this point. Then when web page came up said Squeezelite not running in red text. Clearly it did not like the new Audio Output choice. Version of picoreplayer is latest version 8.2.0.

Please help. Thanks.

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