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Hi all, 

First off, I must state that I have absolutely zero experience with HiFiBerry or Raspberry Pi. I ended up on this part of the internet because I was looking to purchase and Apple TV 3rd generation. However the idea of building my network media player using HiFiBerry is quite appealing. The apple TV has many drawbacks, but the main ones are availability, price, and that music quality is limited to 16 bit 48 khz. In my dream scenario I would have a SINGLE device to:

1. Output bit perfect digital audio to my DAC (preferably up to 24 bit 192 khz) via spdif or minitoslink.

2. Airplay functionality to connect my apple devices for media playback (1080p) and to mirror my computer desktop.  

So the $64,000 question is: Can this be done with HiFiBerry? and if so where do I even begin?

My initial thoughts are to build something using the HiFiBerry with the DIGI+Pro. As for software and applications I have no clue where to begin.

Any and all suggestions, advice, and/or insights are most welcome...

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