setting up beocreate board


I have one of your new beocreate boards and I have some questions about setting it up. I already own two of your boards (dac+ and amp+) so I am very familar with the procedure. 

I started with a fresh install of raspbian (Nov 2017).

I added "dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac" and  "dtparam=spi=on" to "/boot/config.txt" and also ensured "dtparam=audio" was commented out.

I also installed the sigma tcp server as per these instructions:-


What I am finding is that sound is coming out but that the volume is very low.  I cannot change the volume since there is no Alsa sound device defined and hence the volume control is commented out.

This is different to your other boards where Alsa picks up the sound card and allows the user to set the volume - is this expected with the beocreate board or am I doing something wrong setting it up?

Thanks for your time,



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