GPIO usage


I've got a simple question. But thus I'm not that good in Hardware, I hope you excuse me. :-)

I'm using a Pi3 with Hifiberry DAC+ as mediacenter. Netflix, Spotify, Internet radio and so on.

But as we watch films in HD via netflix, the Pi is getting to warm. That's why I want to use a fan in the (selfmade) case. I found several how-tos to connect a fan to the GPIOS (Pins  4 and 6) of the Pi. But as I've put the Hifiberry on the Pins, I can not connect to them.

Would it be possible to buy such a thing: https://www.amazon.de/Steckerleiste-Kopfleiste-Stiftleiste-Stecker-Arduino/dp/B01LWD5MPB/ to blug them into the "pin-holes" of the hifiberry and then it would be possible to use Pins 4 and 6?

I hope you understand my problem. :-) 

Best regards,



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