Routing TV optical audio out through the AMP2? I need help fleshing out ideas

Hi all, first time posting here... I have just acquired and set up an AMP2 with my Pi3 and PiMusicbox for Spotify Connect streaming.  I've truly impressed! thanks for building such an excellent little product, and keeping the cost down!

I am trying to accomplish something, however, and I need some advice. In my living room, we have a TV that takes all the HDMI connections from Apple TV, FireTV, PS4 and Cable...  it has a digital audio optical out.  I'm only looking to do a 2 channel system in the room and stop using my crummy TV speakers for audio. I would like to use the AMP2 (because it's awesome!) instead of having to buy a clunky receiver (we are limited on space and $).  The problem with using the amp2 is that I have no way to get the TV Optical Audio into the pi to then play through the AMP2... does anyone know if there is a way to do this - even a round about way?  Some of my ideas, that I don't know will work are:

1. Install a HiFiBerry Digi I/O hat on top of the AMP2 and use that for audio in from the TV (is this a possibility?? - if so this would be the least complicated, least laggy, and least expensive soln)

2. Install the HiFiBerry Digi I/O on a separate pi and have it somehow stream the audio (with minimal delay) to the AMP2 pi?  (is this possible? - if so what software could I use, and how to avoid delay in the signal?)

3.  I don't know... does anyone have any other ideas??

Thanks in advance for any comments or thoughts on this... I'm not sure what to do, and I REALLY don't have anyplace put a huge receiver, nor do I want to spend $400 on one of the little ones that do streaming, when the Pi + HiFiBerry do it so well for <$100.


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