3.3V Power Draw

I am powering the 3.3v of the Digi+ Pro rev 1.1 separately using 2x26650 LiFePO4 batteries with fantastic results. The tonal balance improved tremendously; airiness came back with total midrange richness and impactful bass. I urge anyone with basic soldering skills to give this a try.

I have noticed, though,  that the RPI3/Digi+ Pro combination continues to draw current from the battery even when I disconnect the power from the 5V header. 

I found this surprising because the power LED of the RPI is off but the 3.3v circuit seems to be active drawing power like business as usual. 

1. I would like to know if this is normal.

2. Can I prevent this from happening by bending some pins or whatever? 


Thanks in advance & pls try the LiFePO4  goodness.


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