external power for digi+ pro


I just bought digi+ pro with RP3 a few days ago. I want to see if I can use these boards in combination with a USB hard drive to make a top flight Hi End digital source.

If at all possible, I want to run the digi with completely separate linear supplies from the RP3 so that any digital hash from the RP3 does not pollute the supply rails on the digi.

Also, Ideally just one earth connection between the two boards if this is possible to avoid earth plane pollution being transferred to the digi from the RP3

I only need the phono output and will not use optical output at all.

I successfully implemented the boards with 5.2V to the RP running Vomumio but when I removed R3 and added 3.3V to the digi, I could no longer see the digi in the output device drop down menu so I have undone this attempted mod and I'm now back to where I started.

Can you please let me know if it is possible with the digi+ pro to realise the implementation described above - that is:

1 x 5.2V supply only for the RP

1 x 3.3V supply only for the digi+ pro.

If not could you tell me the closest I can get to my true goal for this.

At present the digi+ pro, powered via the RP3 board which is being supplied with a USB 5.2V battery pack is sounding quite good but not as good at the my desktop PC with ASUS Essence STX II sound card. However, I feel sure that with separated supplies this can be a truly great digital source.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

mike mears


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