Digi+ on RPi3 gives popping/crackling noises on Raspbian

Dear Hifiberry Community,

I successfully installed Spotify Connect on my Pi3 today and it plays back audio via the Coax out, which is connected to my Musical Fidelity V-DAC II.

I have had this setup running fine on Volumio before, but since I wanted to run Owncloud on my Pi as well, I made a complete reinstall with Raspbian.

I configured the /boot/config.txt according to the documentation, so I can use the output of the Hifiberry.

BUT, the sound is very distorted. That means, the music contains some sort of popping or crackling noise. I tried playing a sine wave with sox, which gives me the same issue, so it's probably not the WiFi. I embedded the sound below (it's a bit quiet unfortunately), so you can hear yourselves.



Thx in advance for your help!

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