AudioTron Replacement - Which MP3 Organizer



Please pardon my noobness on this matter, but I JUST got my HiFiBerry in the mail and it's up and running.


I installed MusicBox per this link:



I'm still working through this to see if I'm just missing a configuration issue, but so far I'm not happy with the presentation.


I used to have a few Turtle Beach AudioTrons and I've surrendered to learn to live without a front interface panel.  However, the web page to manage my music needs to be better than what I'm witnessing so far.


I would like a software setup for this HiFiBerry to load in all my MP3s by their MP3-tags from my single-source shared folder on my Synology.  THEN, I would like to be able to play my music by Album, Artist, Genre, Song and Playlist.


So, simply - what is the ideal software that can do this, please?  Also, it would be nice if upon boot-up, this HiFiBerry didn't take so long to read in my 9,000+ MP3s.


Finally, IF there is an additional feature to "cast" my music to my other existing Google ChromeCast Audio items on my network, that would be a nice bonus, but not necessary.


Thank you so much for your time, consideration and patience.  Again, I am new to the HiFiBerry.  However, I am not new to Linux system administration, et al.



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