Self-contained touchscreen player

 I'm interested to put together a decently attractive touchscreen player with amp (essentially a Squeezebox Touch replacement), and looking for advice.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • HiFiBerry Amp/+
  • 7" (ish) touch screen
  • Attractive case
  • Music (FLAC) from attached hard drive or NAS (with Ethernet or WiFi)
  • RuneAudio - works well for me for a non-touch solution.

I see nice solutions/instructions online for putting together a Pi and touchscreen, and nice cases available. However, it doesn't look like they'd fit the Amp as well. And trying to build in a drive as well just complicates matters.

My limitations:

  • No 3d printer or knowledge
  • Have a soldering iron, but have never done anything finer than tinning speaker wire (and messily, at that)
  • Not too handy.

If anyone has advice or can point me to help, I'm willing to (fumble and) learn and practice. (Also willing to pay a modest premium to someone who can deliver a complete solution.) Any help appreciated.


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