Raspberry "forgets" the DAC+ amixer controls

Hi at all,

I had an perfectly working raspberry pi 2 Model B with DAC+ Board on it. My Python Script was controling volume with "amixer sset Digital 160" perfectly.


Yesterday the story was over. There were no more controls in the alsa mixer. The command "amixer scontrols" are just showing 'Master' and 'Capture'.

So I installed a whole new Jessy Light SD card an at the first try yesterday everything semms working again. BUT as I tryed it 5 minutes ago, all the 'Digital' controls were gone a second time. Just 'Master' and 'Capture' are left.

What could be the reason? I power the system with an external power supply. I changed nothing at the py over night, no update, no hardware change nothing. Where are the 'Digital' controls gone?





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