My Digi+ doesn't work anymore

15 days ago I connected for the first time my Digi+ standard.
I've never had a problem until now: I turn on the pi today and the Digi+ just doesn't work anymore. I find it strange. Has not had any blows. The "lights" look as usual. Everything seems normal, but there is no signal, neither toslink nor coax. I was using the libreelec, and I also tried again volumio. For HDMI it plays normally, but the Digi+ doesn't send any signal.
My receiver is working (toslink and coaxial: I tried with TV), so it's a problem of the Digi+.
What could have happened? I haven't even moved the pi ... today the Digi+ just stopped working.
I would appreciate a response.
Thank you very much and sorry for my english.


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