Digi+ Video Media Player

Hello everyone.

1.) I am able to play an mp3 file using mplayer and I get SPDIF (optical) data out of my Hifiberry Digi+. This great.

2.) I now want to play a video (.mp4) and expecting to see the video and hear audio as in step 1.  But the video doesn't play correctly and definitely no audio.

3.) When I switch to a different player (omxplayer) the video plays perfectly but there is no audio.  I don't think omxplayer supports I2S audio out.

4.)  I'd like to get a basic system setup where I can play a video (mp4) and hear audio on my Hifiberry Digi+  & Raspberry Pi 3 setup.  Any advice on this would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.





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