Soldering P4/5 headers to Dac+pro on pi3b

Hi Daniel,

im an amateur at soldering, and close inspection shows adding headers in the parallel 40 pin slots could damage many of the other pcb connections close by.

i was wondering if I could leave my pi3b, dac pro, original casing etc n it's hat arrangement as you intended them to be used, but wire in headers to the empty solder spots meant for the older boards GPIOs, like the diy guide shows done for older pis and diy dac assemblies.

The pi with Xbmc/openelec runs in my car, so Im looking for access to GPIO pins that can be read to initiate a shutdown script without having to manually shutdown each time. Soldering on some of those header slots further from the favs own ones seems like a safer option to me.

The slots for the header are definitely wired to the soldered pin arrangement, the clocks etc, so I'm sure they can be soldered to and used, but is it safer then soldering at the 40 parallel slots?

thanks in advance.




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