Amp+, Volumio and GPIO Plugin

Has anyone else experienced an issue with Volumio and the GPIO plugin recently? I have tried pulling the latest version from Git, and also tried the latest release 2.141.

My buttons now behave very erratically as though they are picking up chatter from the GPIO even though I am certain the pins I have used are OK. 

Mine was originally set up using a length of cat5 direct to the relevant gpio pins (anything except 2,3,18,19,20,21) then to 6 push to make buttons to allow control of all the commands the plugin allows.

It has a common ground connected to one of the high gpio pins (not 2 or 3) which is wired around one side of the buttons.

I have also tried to use rpi-update but I get a non booting system after restarting (kernel panic).


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