Digi+RP3+ VLC


I recently purchased a Digi+ to enable an optical connection for my RP3b, to play a looping ac3 files for an upcoming installation work. (using a logitech z907, no hdmi.ugh)

I muddled thru the instructions for librelec and got it working but it kept freezing which won't  do.  Next I have looked to VLC, I see that some people's VLC can see the hifiberry in the device dropdown list. How do I enable VLC to recognize the hifiberry is connected....do I need to edit a config file as per the librelec? Will VLC do the job? ( it does via my pc...just uncertain of this rp3+digi setup, VLC is my go-to media player outside this new frontier for me)


thanks in advance for input.



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