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I got several products from Hifiberry and they works all great. 
My setup is a NAS with LMS and several Raspberry Pi as clients.

On each Raspberry Pi it's PicorePlayer who is the piece of software to connect to the LMS server trough squeezelite.

My last installation is a client for the LMS server and the hardware is : 
- Rpi3 
- MiniAmp 
- 2 Passive speakers 
The software on it : 
- PiCorePlayer 3.21 (Kernel 4.9.35, Firmware 2017/06/30)

My problem is when i turn on the Rpi3, i got some big noises like crackling/interference from both of the speakers. When the boot is finish, the crackling is less big, more a whispering but from only 1 speaker. When i start playing a music only 1 speaker works. When the music run i can't ear the crakling noises but when i stop the music i can hear it.

I thought it was my power supply so i switch with another one and same thing. Those power supply are in the mini-usb input and the deliver 
5.1V @ 2.5A output.

What do you think about this ? If you have any advice for me don't hesitate :)


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