Digi+ pro / query output parameters on TOSLINK

I'm testing a new setup with an Rpi 3b + Digi+ pro, OSMC.

Connected via spdif / toslink to a DAC. My dac does not have a display, it doesn't show the bitrate / bit depth of the stream that it is receiving.

Is there a way to query the digi+ driver and display what bitrate & bitrate it is actually sending to the DAC

I know I can do:

cat /proc/asound/sndrpihifiberry/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params

but this seems to show the paramters of the stream that Kodi is passing to the driver, I notice this goes up to 192/24 for HD albums however I know that my DAC doesn't do more than 96/24 over TOSLINK, so I guess Digi+ is downsampling.

A 96/24 flac should pass without downsampling - I wanted to confirm that. Other items within cat /proc/asound/sndrpihifiberry do not seem to show this info either



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