Kodi 17 In-Place Upgrade

Q: is it possible to do an in-place upgrade of Kodi on OpenELEC without having to flash an image?

Back story:  I have an Amp+ running OpenELEC/Kodi 16 (Jarvis) on a Pi3 and have been having troubles with the device reconnecting to the network after a power loss.

When the Pi doesn't get properly shut down, apparently some files get locked and the system cannot connect again to the wireless network.  Because the device is used strictly as a music system and there is no monitor (I'm using an Android tablet and Kore), it's a huge hassle to have to disconnect everything, bring it to a PC and reconfigure every time the wireless connection fails.

The new version of Kodi (17/Krypton) has a robust web interface which would enable me to shut down Kodi and perhaps that would be a first step to not having to disconnect the power supply, speakers and drag the unit through the house every time the power drops out.

Anyway, that's the problem.  Any suggestions are appreciated.



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