DIGI+ not working. No reproduction of media.

I have a Raspberry 3 model B, with an official 7 inch touchscreen (model 1.1) and a Digi+ Pro.

I have plugged in two USB power supplies, one to the screen (5v 2A) and one to the Raspberry Pi (5v 2.5A).

I have a 2Gb external toshiba hard disk with my music on it.

I have created a KODI setup using the official HiFiBerry Installer on Windows (with OpenElec, choosing play videos, with Digi+).

When I choose a song  or video, nothing happens. Kodi does not start playing the media.

If I choose Analogue output in the audio output settings and plug the headphones in the Pi's mini jack audio out it works OK.

But whe you select the Digi+ in the ALSA audio output settings, nothing starts playing. (you select a song, pres on it to start playing but nothing moves).

What am I missing?

What else needs to be configured?

Do I need to feed the Digi+ with an external power supply?, if so, how?

I have read on the forums something about a red led on the Digi+ or the toslink having a red glow, is this correct?

Can anybody help?



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