RPI3, Hifiberry DAC+: can't find volumio


I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and hifberry DAC+ and I've installed Volumio from the standard hifiberry installer. The RPI is ethernet connected. The wifi connection on my macbook works just fine. 

  • What I want (knowing absolutely nothing about linux or programming): use Volumio as a audio-output channel from my macbook. The RPI is connected to my amplifier.
  • What I have: my macbook often cannot find Volumio. Sometimes it does, for 15 minutes or for several hours. Most of the time though it's just not there... 

The volumio connection worked fine when i just had the RPI, but the audio-output was terrible. After adding the hifiberry the sound is great, but the connection is everything but reliable. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please note that I am VERY new to this. 

Many thanks




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