Hifiberry Dac+ Pro no playback

Hello! This is my second day using the Raspberry pi 3 and the Hifiberry Dac+ Pro. I still haven't gotten the Hifiberry to play audio. I am currently using OSMC and it has found the Dac. The Dac is also showing green lights but I can't play audio files. When I set dtparam=audio=off it refuses to play anything. I have also tried Rasbian and followed all the tutorials I could find. I have added the Hifiberry into /etc/modules, and I have configured the /boot/config.txt. The only thing that happens is that I can't play videos om YouTube or playback music. The audio works fine if I use the HDMI output to play audio through the tv (I som using my tv as monitor)

I am running NOOBS and I have tried playbacking wav, flac and mp3 files. I have checked my cables. What should I do?


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