Which Music Player to choose


I ordered a HifiBerry DAC Pro to use with my Raspberry Pi 3 and Mackie Active speakers. I use the same Raspberry for Kodi (LibreELEC).

I'm unsure what program to use to play my music. I googled and read a lot, and instead of understanding more what suits me best, I keep finding more and more option, hence making it more difficult to choose.

What I want, is to be able to still use Kodi (preferably with HDMI audio, but not necessary). I want to hook up a SDD hard drive with all my music (just through USB, no NAS drive). I read somewhere that even a SDD hard drive could ask to much power from the Pi, is that true?

I want to be able to play music headless, so with my cellphone or tablet (iOs, both, but in the future I may have an Android phone).

The most easy solution seems to use Kodi as music player, but is it the same audio quality as, say Max2Play? Is it user friendly to create a playlist on the fly with your phone?

Mopidy seems to have a lot of options and compatible with different configurations, but maybe it's a little more complex to set up? The more "out-of-the-box" the music player works, the more I like it, but not if it means less quality of course.

I read a lot about MoOde, as being better quality and more active developped. I don't find a lot documentation tough.

What about Pi Musicbox (also uses Mopidy, but what's the difference, is this easier to set up?) and piCorePlayer. Are they the same kind of programs as RuneAudio, Volumio and the likes?


Thanks for any explanation!


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