Connecting an Amazon Echo (via Bluetooth and LibreElec) - Script failing

Hi Folks - Rocking this whole Echo, LibreElec, DAC, project.  I'm all the way to the scripty fun and it seems to move through but really it fails.  Specifically it's requiring a source name, and says your bluetooth audio source is (blank).

Additionally, I don't see the Echo sending out music the PI.  The pi never actually shows up on the echo Speaker pairing screen and the Echo acknowledges the device is a mobile phone. 




Screens attached.


Script Output.

echomusic:~/.config # curl -s http://www.hifiberry.com/scripts/btlibre.sh | bash
Stopping Kodi
Configuring Pulseaudio
You have to specify a source name
Your Bluetooth audio source is , enabling automatic connect
Creating Pulseaudio cron job
Adding cron job




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