HIFIBERRY AMP+ specifications questions

I have several questions to ask you regarding the HIFIBERRY AMP+ specifications if you can answer :
1 - it's delivering, as I understood, 25 watts. But is it 25w per canal or 25w for the total (= 12.5w per canal) ?
2 - Can we connect one unique speaker of 25w ? Or is it max 12.5w ?
3 - 25w is the norminal power or max power ?
4 - If I put a speaker of 100w nominal power on 1 canal, what happen ? Will it run but not at max power ? Or there is a dammage risk ? 
5 - If I connect one unique speaker of 10w, on which side should I connect it ? left or right ? Will it be the same delivered sound for both sides ?
6 - Is it easily possible to launch Spotify music from a mobile phone or tablet to the HIFIBERRY AMP+ output speakers ?
Thank you for your feedbacks :)


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