Openelec V 8.0.1 Raspberry Pi 2 B+ Hifi Berry not found


I´m using Openelec V 8.0.1 with a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+        4x900Mhz, 1 Gb Ram and a Hifiberry DAC + RCA standard chipset (two analog cinch plugs).

After installation and configuration of openelec system on the sd card I did the following using putty for a ssh connection:

mount -o remount,rw /flash
nano /flash/config.txt                                 

I added:

dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac (dacplus does NOT work at all !!)



then ctrl+x to save, reboot.

Under system -> Audio device I changed to „ALSA: Default (snd_rop_hifiberry_dax Analog)”. Sadly there is no sound hearable. If I choose “PI: HDMI” everything works fine.

Could you please help me? What did I wrong?

Thank you.

Kind regards.


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