Older DAC and 44.1 file problems

i have my RPi3B and Digi+ Pro board running nicely under JRiver Id Pi, which just updated to a kernel which runs the digi + pro.  I found some odd behavior, that running coax into my Rotel RSX-1560 (2009 hardware) , which has a built in DAC, the receiver will freeze or not play 16/44.1 content at times. Sometimes accessing jriver over vnc can get it working again, but not with the Jremote app.  I tried a bunch of combination and settings, and the work around seems to be raising the output of 44.1 to 176, which was working fine for DSD re sampled to 24/176.  I was able to successfully go back and forth to MP3, various flac 16/44, 24/44, 24/96, and 24/192 no problem, as well as the DSD to 24/176.  Per Rotel, the DAC uses Burr Brown DSD1791.

The funny thing is, when I was connected to my much newer PS Audio Nuwave DSD over coax, I had zero issues and it worked perfectly. 

I hope this problem stays fixed.  Has anyone else had similar issues with the Digi+ pro and "older" DACs?


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