DAC+ Pro, Runeaudio and raspberry pi 3B - locks up?

This is puzzling. I have the hardware listed in the subject, and have installed runeaudio beta 3. 

It all works fairly well, until the moment of truth = playback time. Once I start playback, all input to the device shuts down - I get locked out. Can't stop the playback, no volume control, can't even ssh into the device. The track playing finish, and then stop; or the current playlist will play, and then stop. The only way to get access back is to unplug and replug the Pi. 

I've tried the standard canakit 1 amp power supply, and also a 2 amp power supply as per a suggestion on the runeaudio forums. 

Runeaudio works fine with my Pi if I uninstall the hifiberry and use the built in output. 

Any ideas?



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