HiFiBerry installer, Windows version NOT working


I tried to install Raspbien on a Pi3 B that as an Hifiberry Digit+ from Windows 7. After many hours of download time (from Canada), it pops this message: "Fail to install Linux to SD card. Was unable to extract Linux distribution image from the downloaded archive. Please ensure that you have enough disk space available to unpack archive." I am using a 32G sd card that was freshly formatted and I started the installer as Administrator. .

I would like to take the already downloaded imege and try to install it manually. Can you tell me where is the temp directory that contains archive? BTW, could you make the following changes to your inslaller? 1. Use an error message box that allow copy to the clipboard, so we could paste is in a post. 2. Add an option to choose a local image to be installed.

I had already downloaded the most recent Rasbian Jessie. So I would had avoid a lot of time lost!

Thanks in advance for your help



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