Installer fails: "... ensure you have enough disk space ... to unpack archive."

Despite the fact that the 64 GB SD card is empty (and formatted to MS-DOS FAT32), and there are ~50 GB available on my MacBook Pro's hard disk, the installer says to that there's not enough space to unpack the archive. I have repeated this process numerous times after reformatting the SD card, and freeing up even more space on my laptop's hard drive. I cannot imagine that the Raspbian image is greater than what is available on either of these disks.

I have looked at the install_log.txt file, but I don't see any error messages in it.

What are the requirements (and limitations?) for successfully installing the HifiBerry raspbian image?

If I cannot get the installer app to work, can I take the "raspbian.img" file which I found in /var/..., run "dd" from the command line, and have a working system? Or do I have to dig into the config files and make changes?

Does the installer make these changes itself after putting the image on the SD card, or does the image contain the proper configuration changes?

Or should I just go back to something like NOOBS, and make configuration changes? (NOOBS installed flawlessly -- at least it did a couple years ago when I last played with this RPi B+ board that I'm trying to give new life to with a Digi+ Pro.)

Here is the relevant portion of the install_log.txt file (I removed the timestamp to save some space):

Scanning Media at Index : 5
Device Name = APPLE SD Card Reader Media
kDADiskDescriptionVolumeKindKey - no entry
kDADiskDescriptionVolumeMountableKey - FALSE
kDADiskDescriptionVolumeNameKey - no entry
kDADiskDescriptionVolumeNetworkKey - FALSE
kDADiskDescriptionVolumePathKey - no entry
kDADiskDescriptionVolumeUUIDKey - no entry
kDADiskDescriptionMediaBlockSizeKey - 512
kDADiskDescriptionMediaBSDMajorKey - 1
kDADiskDescriptionMediaBSDMinorKey - 4
kDADiskDescriptionMediaBSDNameKey - disk1
kDADiskDescriptionMediaBSDUnitKey - 1
kDADiskDescriptionMediaContentKey - FDisk_partition_scheme
kDADiskDescriptionMediaEjectableKey - TRUE
kDADiskDescriptionMediaKindKey - IOMedia
kDADiskDescriptionMediaLeafKey - FALSE
kDADiskDescriptionMediaNameKey - APPLE SD Card Reader Media
kDADiskDescriptionMediaPathKey - IODeviceTree:/PCI0@0/EHC2@6,1/@1:0
kDADiskDescriptionMediaRemovableKey - TRUE
kDADiskDescriptionMediaSizeKey - -559939584
kDADiskDescriptionMediaTypeKey - no entry
kDADiskDescriptionMediaUUIDKey - no entry
kDADiskDescriptionMediaWholeKey - TRUE
kDADiskDescriptionMediaWritableKey - TRUE
kDADiskDescriptionDeviceInternalKey - TRUE
kDADiskDescriptionDeviceModelKey - SD Card Reader
kDADiskDescriptionDevicePathKey - IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/EHC2@6,1/EHC2@26000000/PRT5@26500000/Card Reader@26500000/IOUSBHostInterface@0/com_apple_driver_AppleUSBCardReaderInterfaceNub/com_apple_driver_AppleUSBCardReaderDriverNub/com_apple_driver_AppleUSBCardReaderUMC/IOSCSILogicalUnitNub@0/com_apple_driver_AppleUSBCardReaderSBC/IOBlockStorageServices
kDADiskDescriptionDeviceProtocolKey - USB
kDADiskDescriptionDeviceRevisionKey - 1.00
kDADiskDescriptionDeviceUnitKey - 1
kDADiskDescriptionDeviceVendorKey - APPLE
kDADiskDescriptionBusNameKey - EHC2
kDADiskDescriptionBusPathKey - IODeviceTree:/PCI0@0/EHC2@6,1
-- Marked as possible SD Card --disk1 (SD Card Reader)
Scanning Media at Index : 6
Device Name = Untitled 1


Other details: 

MacOS 10.11.6

RPi B+

Digi+ Pro




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