DAC and Pi B - 'failed to open audio output' and other errors


just installed ny new HiFiBerry DAC card on my Pi B but having no success with audio from it.

Sometimes I get 'failed to open audio output' error box.

Sometimes I can play a track (with volume) but there is no volume control (only 'software' or 'none' options - neither of which actually work).

If I 'Browse' it regularly cannot see my NAS and immediately goes into a reboot cycle.

Been trying for two hours solid to get this working.

If I select a different DAC card from the output options in Volumio e.g. the first in the list 503HTA Hybrid Tube Amp, I can play tracks just fine but still no volume control. But I imagine this isn't the best option for the HiFiBerry DAC card?

Any support gratefully received.


Nibbos (UK)


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