Kodi problems with hifi Berry : no sounds!

I have successfully connected my RPI+HifiBerryDAC standard with Kodi,to my old hifi stereo system,
but ...there is no sound,no music!
To configure (in My OSMC / hardware support .. and setting / system / audio output ...)
I followed this link:
The guide of HIFIBerry is easy.I believe i have followed good...
So it's a configuration issue of kodi. (I tried two versions of Kodi on two different SD and does not play!)
I tried sd with VOLUMIO and everithing is ok...!! Ok sound,ok music. Huh
The problem is the config mode of kodi.I hope.
H E L P Blush
many many thanks
PS excuse my bad English but I write from ItalyBig Grin

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