What's the best Hifiberry configuration for my need?

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to enhance my audio experience at home. What I want shouldn't be that hard, and maybe others may already have set up something equivalent.

Let me explain it:

I want a multiroom system. I want it to play music from online services (Spotify and Deezer mainly) but also from the television. Regarding this last point, the TV signal comes from a set top box, with different output available: HDMI, optical.

Currently it is connected to my soundbar. I'd like to keep using it (it cost me quite a lot: Yamaha YSP 2500), but leverage its potential with the ability to set up a (pseudo) 5.1 system: my soundbar and its subwoofer, and a couple of bookshelf speakers for example, or even play the TV sound in every connected speakers. A Sonos like experience.

I also want other speakers in other rooms, but this is easier to solve with a HifiBerry Amp card.

So, to sum up: what should I choose to be able to get the sound from the TV (in fact, the set top box), and stream it to my multiroom system, one of its component being my current soundbar (with one Hifiberry card plugged into its input?).

Is there any risk to have an audio delay and lose sync between the picture and the sound?


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