HifiBerry DAC PRO+ specifications


I'm very tempted to by a DAC+ Pro as HAT for my RaspberryPI3. My usage would be to use the I2S output of the HifiBerry through the AudioGD interface I2S over HDMI (I2S LVDS). My PSAudio DAC as such HDMI interface on its side. Some have successfully done this setup and it works. Even DSD128 in DoP mode (DSD over PCM) seems to work with a bitrate of 384Khz.
A user on PSAudio forum did it and it produce a very good quality sound :)

But, my concern is about the fact that the HifiBerry DAC+ Pro specifications (available on the web site) is given as capable up to 192Khz. So can I be confident in the fact that the I2S output of the DAC+ Pro is capable of 384KHz for DSD in DoP mode ?


Second point. I'd like to know if the low jitter clock on the DAC+ Pro provides the clock only for the DAC+ Pro or for both DAC+ Pro and the RaspberryPI ?

We know that the RaspberryPI (1,2 or 3) have a low quality oscillator, so in the first case (low jitter clock only for the DAC+ Pro) how is managed the synchronisation between the SBC and the DAC board while as far as I know, there's no FIFO buffer between both boards ?

Thank you in advance :)




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