DAC + pro fluidsynth noise floor

Hi all,

I have just started playing with my pi 3 board and DAC + pro for a week. I am using it to add a better piano sound to my 25 years old rolland fp8. I have

tried both raspbian lite and dietpi sw distributions. I use fluidsynth plus various downloaded sf2 soundfonts. The piano midi outputs are connected by a midisports uno midi to usb cable to the pi 3, and I feed back via rca audio cables the DAC+ pro outputs to my piano built-in speakers. I get good sound and responsiveness (low latency). But whatever I try I cannot get rid of a background noise (white, hiss). This starts from first connect /power-on before I hit any piano keys. I use the standard pi 3 supply 2.5A supply. I would have expected a better floor than this, it is worse than my piano stand alone (same volume, amplification). Are there any ALSA set-ups I need to adjust ? I have turned-off the audio jack. I have also loaded the dietpi 384Khz kernel, and still this noise...

Thanks for any help...


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