Hifiberry DAC+ Pro - i2s - Buffalo II problem

I am succesfully using Pi 3 with Picoreplayer 3.11 - USB - WaveIo -I2S - Buffalo II. Now i would like to connect Buffalo II directly to I2S output of the Dac+ Pro, but i am getting only digital noise.

Tried connections from this page:


Buffalo II PCB------------------Dac+ pro

DCK Bit Clock -----------------P4, Pin 3, Bit clock 32/64* sample frequency

D1 Word Clock-----------------P4, Pin 4, Frame clock (frequency=sampla rate)

D2 Data--------------------------P4, Pin 5 Data

Dac + Pro is working very well even compared to Buffalo, but i would like to use i2s connection with Buffalo.

Any hint ?


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