On/Off button with Dac+


I have bought the following case from nuxii (https://nuxii.fr/fr/boitiers/104-kit-boitier-nuxii-audio-pour-raspberry-pi-ab2b3b-noirblanc-transparentcouleurs-au-choix-compatible-hifiberry.html) and I want to install the power button to turn the pi off, and if possibly back on.

I understand off is easy, but to turn the pi on we need to short wire GPIO3, which is in use by the hifiberry dac+

Does anybody know how to do this ?

Using an additional power supply board (like the ATX Raspi) is not an option because the design of the case doesn't let me do this 

Is it possible to solder another 40 pin header on the pi and connect the butts ground to GPIO3, only for booting ?


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