retropie / dac+ / sounds issues...games emulators and kodi conflict?

 Hello everyone, above all excuse my english it's not ma mother tongue. I won't use google traduction because you language deserves better ^^

My material:

- Rpi 3 B

- Hifiberry dac + connected ton speakers with RCA.

- hdmi cable connected to a lcd

- sandisk micro Sd card 64gig


My problem:

I've got this image installed on my 64gig microsd card (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXubnY35-PQ&t=240s), it's a retropie image with a lot of emulators and roms. there is also Kodi installed with as you can see in the video. And I think maybe the problems comes from that.

Without configuring my hifiberry every sounds comes out on the HDMI.
But when I did the following advice in order ton configure my hifiberry, there is some issues: after configuring it, as the Hifiberry site says, the intro movie sound is playing on hdmi, the music in the retropie's menu on Hifiberry (??) and the games on... nothing.

There is no sound at all in all games...

I've got this message when I launch a game during 1/2 second:

Already tested with a retropie image only, with only emulator and games, and work perfectelly: the sound is on the speakers.

here hat I did to configure ma HBdac+:


More precisely I did only this part:


Configuring Linux 4.x or higher

With Linux 3.18 (or higher) a new way to load device drivers have been introduced to the Raspberry Pi environment. It is called device tree overlay. This brings big changes to the way how to configure the necessary drivers for the HiFiBerry boards.

Remove the driver for the onboard sound

Remove the line


from /boot/config.txt if it exists.

Configure device tree overlay file

You don’t have to edit /etc/modules anymore, but need to load the correct device tree file. To do this, you must edit /boot/config.txt and add the following line

DAC+ standard/pro


In the future it will be possible to automatically detect the DAC+/Digi+ boards based on the information stored in the EEPROM on the card. However we need to implement this first.


I'm really noob in linux system, I know how to edit the config.txt...and it's was a big deal for me! :-/

thx a lot for your help!


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