Audio format 24bit int / 32bit float playback issue


I have two wav file, 

1. 96000 Hz / 2 chans / s24le

2. 176400 Hz / 2 chans / (32bit) floatle

In mplayer,

file1 report format s24le is not supported by hardware,

file2 report format floatle is not supported by hardware,

and both file will be converted to little-endian 16-bit signed int (s16le?) before playing.

And aplay report the hardware capability available are s16_le and s32_le.

Is it possible that ALSA auto convert them to s32_le integer before playback?

I tried to modify /etc/asound.conf but without success.

Thank you!


Here is my system set up:

Pi3 Raspbian Jessie,

Hifiberry Digi+ standard rev 1.1,

DAC Fiio D03K (toslink)


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