Parts for basic RPi 3B w/ Digi+ Pro?

Hi, I'm getting ready to buy a RPi 3 Model B and Digi+ Pro for use as a DNLA renderer. My plan is to use the HifiBerry steel case and to power the set up it with an iFi iPower external power supply. I will be using the SPIDF output to connect to my DAC.

My question is, what other parts do I need to make this setup work as a render running? Specifically, I see that HifiBerry sells various spacers, connectors, a microSD dongle, etc. Do I need any of these extra parts to make the setup work, or could they offer me any benefit? What about some heat sinks (or will they not fit inside the steel case)? I plan to leave the device on pretty much 24x7

Regarding the microSD dongle, I understand that I'll need to install software onto a microSD card, but I believe that the RPi 3 Model B has a microSD card slot onboard. Will I be able to use it, or will the Digi+ cover it up or otherwise make it unusable such that I'll need to get the dongle?

Please feel free to offer any suggestions! However, I'd appreciate it if you could differentiate between parts that might be nice to have and parts I'll need to make this setup work properly.

Lastly, does anyone have experience using the iFi iPower with their RPi/Digi+, and if so, how does it compare to a LPS in terms of sound quality?

Thanks for the help!

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